Leverage Right Technology and Technology Driven Innovation that Gives You  the Competitive Edge
BusinessTransformation Through Innovation

Innovation can help your business adapt and evolve in order to survive and grow. In your business, innovation may be driven by the need to solve a problem or capture a new opportunity.  We are here to work closely with you to explore and design the best framework of growth through innovation.  

Innovation is often associated with changing technology or the implementation of a new solution. In reality, innovation is merely doing things differently and more effectively than you have in the past. Innovation isn’t as complex as it may seem—you just have to be open to change.

However, in today’s constantly changing business environment, you can’t afford to only do what you’ve always done. You and your organization need to believe change is necessary in order to thrive. The statement “If you’re not changing, you’re dying" is one thing we can be certain of: the world you’re operating in is changing, starting with what your customers want and how your competition is reacting.

Don’t forget what motivated you to get where you are. It takes a lot of forward-thinking to grow a business, and innovation is as important today as when you started out.  From products and services to marketing, sales, and support, you may have to change the way you approach all parts of the business.

Orion Five Engineering comprises of a team of techno savvy engineers, industry domain specialists, certified food safety auditors, registered management consultants (RMC),  legal consultants, certified security specialists, with cross functional skillsets from software to firmware in integration and design to help transform your company.  We aim to  your raise your revenue and productivity through cost effective application of technology innovation.
There are many different types of innovation, and the type of innovation will be determined by the innovation strategy. The strategy will be influenced by the stage your company has reached, where it is heading, and the desired outcome of the innovation.

  • Develop a new product - you may see an opportunity for a radical change in the type of products offered on the market.  Our team can help conceptualise and commercialise your ideas in the strictest confidence.
  • Protect market share - in a dynamic global environment, continuous innovation is required in many instances just to maintain market share.  Technology and Data can be applied to strengthen your market position.  

  • Sell or licence to another organisation - you may be looking at an exit strategy, once the innovation is developed you can sell or licence the innovation.

  • Retain more staff - a commitment to innovation can motivate and retain skilled staff by providing a challenging and creative environment.

  • Improve operational efficiency - you may wish to reduce costs through streamlining your operations.

  • Increased recognition in the marketplace - you may wish to increase your profile in the marketplace through an innovative marketing strategy.

The type of innovation and the level of risk you attribute to that innovation will vary depending on whether you are seeking to expand your business or maintain your current revenue or profit. Your company may pursue multiple outcomes and therefore will require multiple strategies.

Our in-house certified consultants (RMCs) can guide and assist you in your business innovation strategy.  Speak to our team today and explore how you can transform your business today!​​
RMC (Registered Management Consultant) is a Enterprise Singapore-Recognised certification programme for management consultants aligned to TR 43:2015 Management Consultants Standard.

It has been put together by Certified Managements Consultants of the Institute of Management Consultants (Singapore), a non-profit organization, with the objective to recognise skills, knowledge and competency in the field of management consultancy, and promote high standards of professional and ethical conduct by Registered Management Consultants of the management consulting profession.

The RMC is a mark of quality and professionalism developed by Certified Management Consultants for Management Consultants.