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A well connected Integrated Command Center (ICC) enables your operations team to monitor and deploy their mobile work force effectively and efficiently.  With technology, many of the challenges highlighted can be mitigated.  The real-time ICC has many applications beyond capitalizing on immediate opportunities or becoming more responsive to new opportunities.

Real-time live Video Feeds
Sensors Monitoring
Planning & Scheduling 
Performance Tracking
Data & Business Analytics

A command center (sometimes also referred to as a control room) is an important concept to understand for facilities that employ audio-visual setups of any size, and it’s of particular importance for facilities and organizations that require unified control over multiple audio-visual setups. While the form of these hubs vary from one facility and setup to the next, what they have in common is a consistent purpose: they act as a nerve center for the myriad of audio-visual equipment activities of a facility.

With a skillfully constructed and maintained control room, an audio-video crew can easily oversee connected setups, sharing integrated resources and providing the control that crews need to get their jobs done efficiently. Whether it’s for a large concert, security, or any other organizational need, having a centralized place to monitor activities and equipment is crucial.

What is a Command Center?

Many who hear this term will immediately think of a 1950s war room, with knobs and glowing screens, and uniformed personnel at the ready. Depending on the setup, this isn’t terribly far from reality: the appearance of these setups in today  is in some ways similar to this image, and yet in most ways it is very different. Setups can be simple, yet filled with more intelligence and analytics.

Both visions are that of a centralized hub, a control room for various devices, and in this way these two images are very similar. However, unlike the huge computers of yesterday that took up entire walls, technology has since advanced to the point where the vast majority of facilities will require much smaller setups


The overall goal of a command center is to provide a base for continuous operations that can foster both safety and security, along with technology that is tailored to meet the company’s expectations and challenges.   

Unfortunately, older reporting systems do not provide enough data that’s needed for advanced security measures. Network infrastructures and capacities must be addressed, along with a complete assessment of computer operations and server capacity.

  • What is your main purpose of the command center?
  • What type of operations are going to be performed at the center?
  • What are the objectives of the company?
  • How many analysts and operators will be working within the command center?
  • Are you planning on utilising state-of-the-art equipment or a low-budget alternative?

One emerging trend in today’s command centers is global position and location-based geographic services that track executives and other key personnel around the world. It can also provide numerous other benefits that can make an organization more upbeat and productive when it comes to their operational capacity.
Watch how one of our valued clients (above) , PestBusters transformed its business through innovation.  

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