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This is a BLE  positioning solution that gives sector based accuracy, low-latency indoor position and location of moving objects. This is suitable for applications that derive contextual information through monitoring interactions between tracked objects and their environments. 

Common Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Active RFID that use Relative Signal Strength (RSSI) fusing with other methods for distance measurement. At present,  these technologies offer location accuracy in meters.

Combining it with historical tracking data and other relevant business applications, this allows customers to achieve accurate position and movement enabled business intelligence to gain better business insights into their operation, process and workflow, resulting in informed business decision making. 

  • Cloud solution - no need of massive installation expenditure in terms of servers, cables, antennas
  • Capabilities -asset tag management, event management, workflows and analytics including triggering of alerts and/or message notifications.
  • Portal-based dashboard and hub – full online controls for managing campaigns with real time analytics and reporting, integration with existing systems via REST and Streaming APIs

The system comprises of
  • Transceiver (BLE Wifi - Mesh Base Station)
  • Active Beacon Tags (BLE Transmitters)
  • Positioning Software (Cloud or On-Premise)

Potential Applications
  • Tracking of high-value, hazardous goods or personnel working in hazardous environment.
  • Tracking machineries and equipment within premise.
  • Indoor localisation applications where high-level of precision and low-latency is necessary.

  • Allow digitisation of movement of tracked objects, devices, personnel and assets
  • Gain full insight into the historical record of tracked objects, their duty cycle and status at every point in the cycle
  • Enable tracked objects, devices to interact with other objects or environment
  • Obtain better business insights into process, workflow and operations 
  • Enable Location driven business decisions

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  • Patient & Staff Locating
  • Improve patient and staff safety, enhance workflow processes & increase staff satisfaction
  • Prevent patient elopement or entering into restricted area
  • Staff can respond more quickly to wandering patients who may be dangerous to themselves
  • Asset Tracking & Equipment Usage Optimization
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Enable staff to focus on patient care & satisfaction
  • Reduce equipment purchase & maintenance costs
  • Increase equipment & personnel utilization
  • Streamline audit documentation & compliance reporting processes
  • Caregivers workflow optimization
  • Mapping & visualization of caregiver workflows to improve processes, minimize activity conflicts, and reallocate caregiver resources for peak activity.
  • Targeted Proximity Marketing
  • Providing beyond hyperlocal offers, but helping retailers to have deeper insights of their shoppers.
  • Allows retailers the ability to design, deliver and manage content in one place, in real-time.

  • Allows retailers’ insight into – bounced traffic, repeat visitors, unique and first time visitors
  • Dwell times: Understanding dwell-time of shoppers gives insight into engagement rates. The historical data could be used for predictive analysis to plan campaigns, promotions and displays.
  • Path Analytics: Understanding the hot zones and where shoppers spend the most time can help with reallocation of resources and planogram effectiveness. 
  • Can also be used to understand real-time employee location and path history, along with the ability to match employee location and skill with shopper needs.